InvestRes Named 2019 Select Sponsor by Freddie Mac

TAMPA, Fla. – February 11, 2019 – InvestRes has been named a 2019 Freddie Mac Select Sponsor, a designation reserved for Freddie Mac’s esteemed sponsors, chosen for their demonstrated success in the market.

The Freddie Mac Select Sponsor program is a highly coveted designation, recognizing sponsors with a successful track record, and alignment with Freddie Mac’s mission to provide liquidity, stability, and affordability to the U.S. housing market with an emphasis on securing housing for low and moderate income families. To qualify, honorees must present a business case, a detailed track record, and provide recommendations by capital partners.

Freddie Mac Select Sponsor benefits include access to dedicated relationship managers supported by Underwriting, Legal and Servicing representatives. The status also provides access to first looks at key research, new offerings, and exclusive communications. Lastly, the designation offers streamlined underwriting and prior approval of document modifications to reduce negotiations per deal. These benefits will contribute to InvestRes’ ability to close multifamily acquisitions and refinances efficiently and confidently.

“Freddie Mac’s Select Sponsor program is an exclusive relationship designation, awarded to InvestRes for its proven success in the market. We are proud to partner with Freddie Mac and are excited to continue to grow our relationship,” said Bryan Castillo, Director.

About InvestRes:
Founded in 2010, InvestRes maintains $1.6B+ in assets under management and has acquired over 17,000 apartment homes throughout Florida, Texas, Arizona, and Colorado. InvestRes is a vertically integrated company, handling acquisitions, property management, construction management, debt placement, and portfolio management in-house. InvestRes aims to provide premier service to investors and owners of residential real estate.

Media Contact:
Bryan Castillo